gegründet 1895, im Verband für das deutsche Hundewesen e.V.

Jahressieger Zuchtschau 2002



Dear guests,

this is a short version of our English pages. For more Information in English, please contact Beate Jodl by e-Mail or Phone.


This is the link to the results  on the Boxer-Klub pages


You can download  the registration form with information about the show.

For Hotel Reservation please contact Gerda Springer. For dog registration questions please contact Beate Jodl.

Please see: Dog show ban for dogs cropped contrary to animal protection law on page "Anmeldung".



Local Leader and Hotel Reservation:

Gerda Springer
Siedlung des Volkes 16
86161 Augsburg

Phone: +49-8 21-57 49 83
Telefax: +49-8 21-90 01 90


Beate Jodl
Bernh.-Monath-Str. 23
D 86405 Meitingen
Phone: +49-82 71-58 12

Telefax: +49-82 71-81 31 60

Dog Show Stadium

Pfarrer-Bogner-Str. 20
D 86199 Augsburg

Evening  Festabend

Rosenaustadion Gaststätte
Stadionstr. 21
86159 Augsburg
Phone: +49-8 21-57 44 95

Start: 20:00 Uhr,
Admission free!
Admittance: 19:30 Uhr